Time Genie

How it works

Make it your own

After you subscribe, we will create a version of Time Genie just for you. We will send you a Welcome guide that describes how to configure Time Genie for your needs and the web address of your Scheduling site and Dashboard. On your dashboard, you will enter information for the following items:

  • Business Information: Company name, address and operating hours.
  • Services Information: The name of the services you provide along with the average time it takes to complete the service.
  • Your Current Appointments: If you already have appointments, you can sync the Time Genie calendar with Google Calendar.
  • Branding and Content: Optionally, you can upload a custom banner and custom text to your Time Genie client facing scheduling site.

Send your clients to your Time Genie

Using the web address and sample code we will provide, add a link to your existing web site to direct your clients to your Time Genie Scheduling site.

Some of our clients register a specific web domain name that forwards to their Time Genie Scheduling site or use their voicemail to direct their clients. If you need some guidance on how to register and forward a domain name, we're here to help.

Your client enters the address where the services will be performed and the services they would like. Next, your client clicks "See Available Appointments" to see days and times you are available.

Availability Calculation

After your client clicks to see available appointments, Time Genie goes to work.

  • Calculates the distance between the requested location and your service radius area or regional service area.
  • Calculates the distance between the requested location and all of your existing appointments for a given day.
  • Analyzes your configuration settings to ensure the distances match your routing thresholds.
  • Displays the resulting availablility times to the client.
  • Client registers for an appointment. A confirmation is sent to the client and a notification is sent to you.
  • A reminder email is sent to the client 3 days before the appointment.

We would love for you to try it out.

For a limited time, Time Genie is free to try for 30 days.

Want more?

We are working on more features..
Subscriber driven

We plan to release updates and expansions based on what our customers tell us they need. Our development is driven by the people who actually use Time Genie.

3rd party integration

Time Genie's built-in calendar system already integrates with Google Calendar; however, we are working on syncronization with Apple iCloud Calendar and other popular calendar applications.

Dashboard App

Time Genie already works on your phone's browser, but we are working on a free dashboard app for subscribers.



$49 /mon
  • Free updates
  • Scheduling site
  • Dashboard
  • Unlimited ticket support
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited usage
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